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Pro Accumaster VII €2.499,00

The Accumaster is a scientific tool for the detection of treasures, metals, minerals, cavities, voids, subsurface water etc. Target determination is accomplished by measuring the total electrical resistance of the ground between the 4 ground rods, which are injected into the soil on a square or rectangular pattern, and presenting the results on a target meter as OHM values. Underground electrical resistance changes with factors like water, metals or caves. In our latest version the meter has labels for caves, inert ground, water, minerals, iron and precious metals. For the detection of a metal target it needs to have a mass of 2kg or more. Small coins or equal sized targets are not detected. That feature is specially usefull when search for treasures, as there is no interference from small and surface trash metal objects. It is a trully scientific tool used by archaeologists, mining industries, geologists and treasure hunters. The most efficient professional equipment requires not any training or experience. Comes with a 12 Volt 7,2Ah battery and charger inside the case, and can be used by one operator. The Accumaster "Carrier wave" signal is transmitted undergound from 2 rods at a time, in total 6 directions on a square or rectangular form. De Pro Accumaster VII wordt geleverd inclusief batterij, lader, 2 jaar garantie en GEEN VERZENDKOSTEN!


Technische Specificaties

  • Area of determination up to 24000 square feet
  • Reads depth up 33 meters
  • Accurate and scientific
  • Ohm meter with labeled target ID
  • Bright response lamp indicates precious metals
  • Easy to use small and portable
  • Comes in watertight heavy duty doskocil case
  • Professional equipment for professional results
  • Ignores small (Less than 2 kg) and shallow (up to 40 cm) objects
  • 4 ground rods and 4 x 33m cable spools
  • 2 test target dummy loads for iron and gold
  • Has internal electronic inverter for 100 Watt signal power
  • 12V 7.3Ah battery and 220V battery charger
  • Maximum depth 33m on large voids – tombs
  • Automatic scientific target ID – no dowsing
  • 2 year guarantee & instructions manual

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