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Humans have been in the need of searching all kinds of metals which are non-ferrous and required for themself from past to present. The need was water and water resources in some cases and sometimes metals like gold, silver, copper, bronze and some times precious stones. Needs caused people to develop methods. The oldest of these methods was searching for precious stones, treausures and water resources with branches and detecting them. This method which has been effective in all ages has evolved in course of time. Today, advanced antennas, electronic circuits and systems which perform enforced electromagnetic detection replaced the natural sticks and branches. The most important reason of the success of this method is the frequencies which are transmitted by the non-ferrous metals (gold, silver, copper, bronze, precious Stones) and water and gases under the ground. The characteristics of the elements in the nature are composed of the magnetic area they form and the frequencies they transmit. The frequencies they transmit provide that the non-ferrous metals, treasures, and cavities like caves, cellars, and tunnels may be detected by electromacnetic detection systems with advanced antennas. The longer the objects remain under the ground the more effective and strong frequencies they transmit. By this means, electromagnetic detection systems can detectthese objects easier. Based on their size, the treasures which have been under the ground for 50-60 years can be detected by advanced sysstems with antenna. With the help of these advanced systems called as Long range Locator, it is possible to detect water sources and metal mines which are in 100 meters depth. In terms of electromagnetic detection systems Makro Teknoloji is the producer of the deepest detectors in the world. As a result of research and development studies which continue for long years, company developed an area detection System which perfectly meets the expectations of the consumers. This extremely advanced electromagnetic system which is named "JEOTARA BIONIC SYSTEM" and entered into the global market is the exact match for the expectations in the sector. We can define the operating principle of this system as the evaluation of the static energy taken from the body enforced with an electromagnetic system with advanced software to detect the frequencies transmitted by the target. This exclusively designed advanced system is designed fort he best user performance. Jeotara is a very effective electromagnetic sensation and detection detector. Jeotara is a perfect detector which may has its mark as an important auxiliary system which will be indispensible for the user in terms of its distance and strong sensation capability. The users should keep n mind that; While scanning with Jeotara, for the confirmation og the targets detected, it is necessary to make a control with a strong detector. As it is known, besides area detectors have no metal discrimination feature, they can detect precious objects under the ground such as gold, silver and likes, other metals and amgnetic effects which have similar effects can also be detected by the system. Thus, for a certain diagnosis, please keep in mind that there is a need for confirmation with a deep and specialized detector.

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